House To Home Inspections


I combine 25+ years of hands-on residential and commercial construction knowledge with hundreds of hours of schooling resulting in professional certifications to provide a full line of property inspections. I pledge to continue my education to keep up with the ever-changing construction field and building components.

A general residential property inspection is a non-invasive visual examination of the accessible areas of the property performed for a fee. It is designed to identify defects with specific systems and components of the property on the day of the inspection. Visit, other certification schools, or state/national guidelines for a more lengthy definition.

I cannot stress enough the importance of routine maintenance. It prolongs the overall life of a structure and helps keep it a healthy, safe environment. I offer a yearly inspection check up of your home or light commercial building. 

I can test the air in your house or light commercial building for the presence of radon.  If the property has a well I can take a water sample to the lab to be tested  for radon. 

I can do a complete inspection of the buildings private waste disposal system, from the main waste pipe leaving the building to the storage tank, pump station (if applicable ), and leach field. 

There are many components to pools and spas some easily visible and others needing a trained eye to see and know they exist. Above ground or in ground pools along with indoor or outdoor spas can be very fun and exciting, but also costly. A proper pool or spa inspection is highly recommended to be done when purchasing a home that has one or both present, especially for those with no background knowledge of them.

Log homes have many unique characteristics to inspect above and beyond conventionally built homes. Knowledge in log home construction, the logs themselves, and maintenance of the logs are key to a proper inspection

Inspections of manufactured & mobile homes introduce unique characteristics to inspect that don't come along with any other type of structure. Knowledge of their construction techniques and set up process is needed in addition to general inspection knowledge to achieve a proper inspection.

I inspect smaller commercial buildings such as banks, restaurants, multi unit apartments and general stores. Call to see whether your building falls under this category. 

Moisture is the #1 enemy of a building and its components. It's crucial to investigate and address moisture intrusion concerns.

Infrared Thermography is used to help see what we can't see with the naked eye in a non-invasive way. I use this in many of my inspections and also offer it to clients when trying to pinpoint the source of hidden issues such as water leaks or overloaded electrical wiring.


I offer inspections of the inner side of areas that are generally hard to reach without extensive removal of items with little or no repairs needed after. These include items such as Sewer Lines, Heating and Cooling Ducts, Crawl Spaces, Etc. If you need to view the inside of something let me know what it is I may be able to assist you. In many circumstances I can view up to 100 feet away. 


I inspect hard to reach off-grid or easy access camp, cabin, or cottage properties.


I offer a energy loss inspection that concentrate's on 7 top energy loss areas of a home/building and its components.


These inspections are done at different levels of completion during the construction process for lending institutes and clients using private funds. They are done prior to payment installments being made for the project.


These inspections are offered to building owners who would like to have a non-biased company report on the condition of a space and its components before or after its use to protect their asset. Choose any inspections from my list that pertain to your rental/leasing property.


These inspections are general inspections for lending institutes to assist in the marketing and pricing of foreclosure properties.


I recommend this to potential sellers to get a jump on your selling competition. You'll be able to market your home with an inspection having already been done and offer a complete report to potential buyers. Choose any inspections from my list that pertain to your property.


If you want a water test done and have hired me to do any inspection, I can complete the sample taking during the inspection, get it to the lab and report the results back to you.


If you would like testing done for the presence of lead-based paint and have hired me to do any inspection, I can test for it during the inspection.